Darlene Ritter

Abstract Expressionist Painter

After teaching for 40 years, it feels so good to create on my own terms. As a child I wanted to be an architect and I loved playing with blocks. I had a whole room full of blocks that I did not have to put away. So I played with geometry. You will often see geometry in my work. I see geometric shapes everywhere and they often show up in my work.

I had fabulous art teachers in school. One particular art teacher that I had for several years really influenced me. He told us over and over again, “We invent, we create, we do not copy, we are artists.” My work is all about creativity. To this day I cannot allow myself to copy. My creations are made with a focus on the elements and principles of design.

I have a master’s degree from California State University in Los Angeles.

Along with teaching many classes to educators on how to teach art education at the university level, I have also written several books for teachers on how to teach art to young people. I received many honors as an art teacher and was selected Elementary Art Educator of the Year for the fourteen western states.

I am now a docent for the Phoenix Art Museum and love to lead student tours focusing on math and art.

My art has been on display in many Phoenix area locations and I have had several one-woman shows.

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