Sandra Villegas

Fine Art Professional

I was born in the beautiful small town of Puebla, Mexico. I was raised with many traditions that were passed down through my family by the church and region. My favorite festivities from Mexico are Christmas and Day of the Dead, because it has the most beautiful ornaments and flowers. I have been living in Tucson for the past thirty years with a wonderful military husband, two children and two chihuahua dogs. I received an associate degree from Pima Community College in Digital Arts, Film and Animation. As an artist, I am very traditional and love adding bright colors into my artworks. My inspiration are prickly pear flowers, chollas and saguaros because of the colors. Since moving to Tucson, I fell in love with the desert and spend a lot of the time observing wild plants and taking pictures. I love the desert Sunset too; I spend a lot of time looking at the different colors while then sun disappear behind the mountains. I started working with crepe-paper and paper-mâché last year and started to make prickly pear flowers and cactus. I use my pictures for references to make my flower designs. My work is made from Mexican crepe paper but, I use Italian and German crepe paper too. I love to make the prickly pear flowers out of this paper, because the texture gives a more natural look to the flowers. The first event showcasing my prickly pear flowers was at the Art Museum in Tucson Arizona on March 2019.

I just started a business in Tucson this past March called Luna’s Paper Designs. With the help of my daughter, we are building a business full of creativity and lots of paper craft ideas.  I feel so grateful to start a business in paper designs, because I can express all my creativity with the people of Tucson. We will teach some classes and the craft of paper flowers and we hope people from all different ages can join us in learning and how to create their own pieces through to our workshops. 

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