About Face: Perspectives

NOV 1- DEC 29

Demonstrating the many aspects of self exploration through faces and images that evolve as a result of the artists’ expression.

Damian Gomes

Damian Gomes is a self-taught abstract figurative painter working primarily in oil and acrylic. With references to surrealism, Gomes’ wildly…

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Christy A. Moeller

Christy A. Moeller was born in Texas, but developed her love of art while living in Germany as a child…

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Giancarlo Fiorenzo

Giancarlo Fiorenzo is a Neo Expressionist painter living in Tucson, Arizona. He studied Fine Art at The Ohio State University…

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Julio Gallegos

Colors, energy, vibes. Impact art, love for neon. What matters and what doesn’t? Messages in historical references, criticizes banality, when…

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